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Seven by Two - 14 works by Viky Garden and Justin Summerton

Click the + Read more (on the right side of the page) to view the exhibition text:-             Dates: 14th - 30th September   Please link here to v ...

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Click the + Read more (on the right side of the page) to view the exhibition text:-             Dates: 14th – 30th September


Please link here to view a virtual Gallery of this exhibition.   

VIKY GARDEN – Following a successful launch of new work at the Auckland Art Fair, Viky Garden has produced seven further works which show a dramatic departure from the artist’s previous work.

“I stopped painting for a couple of months at the end of 2015. I did this previously in 2012, dissecting my process, which ushered in a more informal, looser style.  Because I work in solitude, it’s important to challenge myself, to take risks, so I decided to switch from oils to acrylics – a different medium and a whole new ball-game”.

While the subjects remain self-portraits, the images are rendered in a more painterly and expressionist style.  Portrayed in a more abstract manner, the faces reveal less definition with a greater emphasis on chiaroscuro (the treatment of light and shade). The gestural and lively application of paint supports the somewhat distorted yet alluring nature of the subject.

“Detail is not part of this new direction; even the titles signify only the month each painting was created, preserving their ambiguity. With these highly expressive yet modest portraits I attempt to explore impermanence, transition, and the inevitability of change; themes that offer a framework to explore personal and universal aspects of the female experience”.

Garden appears at the top of her game with this captivating series of recent self-portraits.

JUSTIN SUMMERTON – Justin Summerton’s recent works concentrate on Auckland, in particular the Waitemata, its beaches, volcanic cones and endearing landscape.

There is a greater display of detail in these recent works and while some (such as “Rangitoto” and “Summer in the Park, Devonport”) are less surreal than others, the landscapes have been altered to show different and slightly distorted aspects of Auckland.  The deliberate juxtaposition of inhabited volcanic cones, quiet sandy beaches, vintage hillside villas and ancient pohutukawa trees highlight the natural beauty of New Zealand’s most populated city.

These idyllic landscapes are devoid of the travails of a bit city – traffic, people, pollution, noise and congestion.  The sky is always blue, the clouds are benign and the Waitemata always displays its sparkling waters.  The four surrealist paintings are not excluded from depicting this utopia where “Bachelor Pad”, Cheltenham Beach”, City Pad and “Bachelor Pad II” provide a window to the unique beauty of both the unblemished (West coast) and developed (East coast) coastlines of Auckland.

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