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Loop by Grace Wright

 GRACE WRIGHT "LOOP" Preview 4th August, 5.30pm - 7.30pm, Exhibition Dates: 4 Aug, 2015 - 22 Aug, 2015 Famous American abstract artist Jackson Pollock s ...

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 GRACE WRIGHT “LOOP” Preview 4th August, 5.30pm – 7.30pm, Exhibition Dates: 4 Aug, 2015 – 22 Aug, 2015

Famous American abstract artist Jackson Pollock said “I want to express my feelings rather than  illustrate them”  This profoundly relevant statement probably echoes the sentiment of many abstract artists whose work could be described as lyrical, gestural and largely or partly created by chance rather than design.

Grace Wright recently graduated from Elam with honours in 2014, and the abstract exhibition “Loop” is her first solo show at a Dealer Gallery.  Wright states “I am always trying to think holistically about what it means to make the art I am making.  It seems painting internationally is at a stage where concepts like lightness, pleasure and beauty are re-surfacing…painting as a visual pleasure is a concept which lies at the heart of my work”.

This is evidenced with the delightful blend and contrast of flowing tubular shapes throughout the series of paintings.  A voluptuous mix of both primary and pastel shades are enhanced with touches of black shading and alliterative titles such as “Midnight Mojitos Under the Moonlight” and “Key Lime Pie on a Lemon Lounger”. “The names are almost ridiculous”, says Wright – “often a common saying or something I’ve been thinking about. I’m always trying to imagine what the painting would be saying.  Often I’m reminded of cycles – seasons, times of the day – whether a painting is a morning one or a midnight one for example”. (1)

Wright states, “Conceptual lightness as a contemporary idea is also something I’m interested in. These are playful works that don’t attempt to address any directly political or conceptual meaning. Rather, they are about the pleasure of viewing painting in a material and visual sense. Referencing bodiliness, oozing and flowing forms seems an exciting way of approaching the history of abstraction.  I view colour as something constructed without any preconception about the finished assemblage. Every decision is made based on what already exists in the work….each colour reacting against the last until the work turns and flows within itself”. (2)

To gain a better understanding of abstract art it may be worth considering Art Historian William Seitz summations and analysis where he states “Abstract expressionists value expression over perfection, vitality over finish…. the unknown over the known ….and the inner over the outer”.  Both Seitz and Pollock would take heart at the dynamics and intent displayed by this young artist in this lively series of paintings appropriately titled “Loop”

(1) Email to Warwick Henderson Gallery from the artist July 2015

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Additional text by Warwick Henderson 2015

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