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Autumn Catalogue 2010

To view details of the "Kiwi Soldier" Bronze sculpture  Click Here Autumn Catalogue 2010 - Early & Contemporary Fine Art Welcome to our first Fine Art Ca ...

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To view details of the “Kiwi Soldier” Bronze sculpture  Click Here

Autumn Catalogue 2010 – Early & Contemporary Fine Art

Welcome to our first Fine Art Catalogue for 2010. Favoured with instructions from a long term Auckland collector we are pleased to include some outstanding paintings in this catalogue. Leading New Zealand artists represented in this catalogue include John Weeks, Sir Tosswill Woollaston, Garth Tapper and early artists A.E. Aldis, William Binzer, C.H. Howarth, Minnie F. White. Contemporary artists such as Nigel Brown, Michael Smither, Bill Hammond, Eion Stevens, Fatu Feu’u, Philippa Blair, John Walsh and emerging artists such as Nick Wall and Alexander Bartleet are also included in this catalogue.

The Early works include paintings of New Zealand active Volcanoes, two of the Pink & White Terraces prior to their eruption and one of an active geyser on White Island. Period works of these areas are surprisingly rare considering they were considered wonders of the world. A superb painting by A.E. Aldis of a view of the harbour from Titirangi is also included in the section of colonial paintings. Several of these early works still retain their original frames. One of particular note is the frame of the William Binzer which is notable for the carved scallop patterned border.Other outstanding paintings in this catalogue include a rare Garth Tapper oil from his “Pub” series of paintings. These works are highly sought and rarely come to the market.

An outstanding John Walsh oil painting is also included in the catalogue along with new works by Justin Summerton, Mark Wooller, Philippa Blair and Nigel Brown. A feature of this catalogue is the return of Nick Wall with two superb major paintings. Nick Wall’s studio is now complete and these paintings are two of the first works to be completed from his new abode and studio. Sourcing quality artworks from a range of genres is a speciality of this gallery and this catalogue we trust is no exception.










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