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Auckland Art Fair - May 2016

AUCKAND ART FAIR Dates: 25th May - 29th May  Venue: The Cloud, Auckland Waterfront Warwick Henderson Gallery is proud to present new work by several disti ...

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Dates: 25th May – 29th May  Venue: The Cloud, Auckland Waterfront

Warwick Henderson Gallery is proud to present new work by several distinguished New Zealand artists, including Robyn Kahukiwa, Fatu Feu’u, Mark Wooller, Alexander Bartleet, Viky Garden and Rozi Demant.

Feature works include a large 3 paneled Triptych by major Maori and New Zealand woman artist Robyn Kahukiwa. These female totem Wāhine are based on a wooden panel series Robyn completed for a marae in Wellington. Kahukiwa is regarded as one of the foremost Maori woman painters in New Zealand and has major paintings in most public galleries in the country (23 in Te Papa Museum). Her paintings highlight and champion the importance of the woman’s role in not only Maori culture and society but society in general. The paintings address both historical and contemporaneous issues; of course vital aspects to her artworks which are often large scale, uncompromising and extremely powerful.

Northland artist Mark Wooller has completed a major 40 panel artwork relating to his ongoing theme of conservation of the land, particularly native bush, creeks, waterfalls, trees and more recently old villas and bungalows including their gardens. These iconic aspects of Auckland, largely taken as granted, are under serious threat with Councils unitary development plan lurking above most established 19th and early 20th century Auckland suburbs. Wooller is particularly interested in early ephemera, archival documentation and other historical objects and has included nostalgic items in many images such as old NZ rail tickets, Manuka branch washing lines, “Kauri Tobacco” tins, and of course the classic old villas and bungalows. The matrix of this mural type work reflects the small lots which were originally planned and developed into the first subdivisions and suburbs in NZ such as Parnell and Ponsonby.  Each painting represents an individual lot and can be purchased as a lot for under $1000 each or you can buy the complete subdivision. Certainly cheaper than a section in Auckland today!

Alexander Bartleet is a young multi-award winning artist who last year won the Small Sculpture and the James Wallace Young Artist Award. His work also featured in the 2013 art fair that included found objects moulded into sign and semaphore shapes. Bartleet’s latest work remains inclusive of contemporary throwaway items however he has used mouldings of the items to produce hanging sculptures which
take the form of sections or blocks of excavated Midden or dump sites. The objects have been overlaid with a mix of resins and cements, eventually over painted and then sanded back. Finally the artwork is completed with detailed line drawing which outlines the shapes of the long discarded items .These could variously include pieces of old cell phones, video remotes, toys, pieces of household appliances and
other detritus. These artworks are a quite prescient and intuitive comment on our 21st century throwaway society.

Viky Garden and Rozi Demant are noted portrait painters, their ongoing theme being self-portraits. The individuality of their practice is notable and both have changed their style in recent years. These portraits have always contained a significant degree of expression and mystery, and while Gardens’ new style is compellingly impressionistic, Demant’s new portraits are more realistic in character than surreal. The mystical and sensual tenor of her painting, highlighted with symbolic birds and other props do however remain a unique aspect of this artists work.


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