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Auckland Art Fair 2013

The Warwick Henderson Art Gallery will be celebrating their 25th year in Parnell and 35th year in business this year at the 2013 Auckland Art Fair. Featured artist ...

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The Warwick Henderson Art Gallery will be celebrating their 25th year in Parnell and 35th year in business this year at the 2013 Auckland Art Fair.

Featured artist include emerging three dimensional artist Alexander Bartlett, surrealist Mark Wooller and the most significant and influential south pacific artists Fatu Feu’u and Robyn Kahukiwa.

Mark Wooller will be painting artwork, which has become somewhat prescient and topical in that his later series of works relate to the history of subdivision, speculation and land development in Auckland. Many Aucklander’s are probably unaware that Auckland was subdivided virtually from the moment of settlement during the 1840’s. Parnell was New Zealand’s first genuine suburban development where land was sliced up by developers and sold in blocks as small as 150 square meters. Strangely, over 150 years later Auckland is faced once again with this type of “slice and dice” town planning. This further intensification (unification), currently a hot topic in Auckland this year, is being widely debated .Wooller says, “Over 150 years ago the native bush and forest was heavily compromised and sacrificed for development. Birdlife was also desecrated. There should be no excuse for similar action today. Auckland could look end up looking like an urban battlefield of monolithic high rises jumbled throughout the city. I will be painting individual works which will represent blocks of re-zoned and sub-divided Auckland. Young buyers today cannot afford to buy a section in Auckland now. They can buy a block (painting) at the Art fair and at least enjoy that”.  Each painting (section) will come with an individual title and valuation but without the rates!

Alexander Bartleet’s work not only references the past but also the future. Old and obsolete technology such as computer parts, phones, appliance parts, old toys, etc. are carefully assembled and over painted to represent a historical chunk of the past. “I am trying to create a sculptural image of a future archaeological dig site” says Bartleet. If a section of the past was uncovered from a waste or refuse sight in 200 years I think this is what it may look like. I will be grouping several artworks in clusters where each work will hang symbiotically and sympathetically together.” The artworks will be able to be purchased individually or as a group”

All the pieces are carefully assembled, meticulously over painted and then hand coloured with different paint finishes which make for compelling viewing. Like Keats’ Grecian Urn Bartleet’s artworks and objects assume immortality, far removed from their former discarded and throwaway status.

Robyn Kahukiwa a senior Maori artist based in Wellington has recently illustrated books relating to Maori Legends in a fresh and contemporary manner. These illustrations have individually, become stunning individual artworks. The paintings will collectively show a complete narrative of Maori Folk-lore and legends which are sure to appeal to all ages and level of art Collector


Fatu Feu’u has has been busy preparing for his inclusion in a major  exhibition  “Oceanic Art “ being mounted in Cologne in Germany later this year as well as completing works for the Artfair.

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