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2014 Autumn Catalogue (Group Show)

2014 AUTUMN CATALOGUE (Group Show) Many artists have been busy completing new work for this exhibition and features of the catalogue include two award winning scu ...

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2014 AUTUMN CATALOGUE (Group Show)

Many artists have been busy completing new work for this exhibition and features of the catalogue include two award winning sculptures by Alex Bartleet. Bartleet’s “Black Line Cluster” recently won the Waiheke Small Sculpture Ward this year and an important work “Ladder” was a finalist in the prestigious Wallace Awards this year also. This work was also chosen for the touring exhibition. This intriguing sculpture is a significant example of this artist’s work and the meticulous shading and careful placement of each individual object is quite captivating. Alex Bartleet’s “Ladder” is a conceptual sculpture which deserves and stands close scrutiny to appreciate it fully. While a departure somewhat from Bartleet’s previous themes, the iconization of found objects is continued here and cleverly enhanced, referencing barnacle clustered wharf piles and jetties.

We are also pleased to feature a talented young Wellington artist Aaron Waghorn. Waghorn re-connects to the style of the post pop art movement utilizing primary colours, bold imagery and striking graphics. He presents several elements in each work including designs, architectural drawings, geometrical shapes, figurative studies and silhouettes. Formulating and constructing a hybrid series of images obviously presents a serious challenge to the success of each painting. It is clear however the artist has successfully juxtaposed the imagery to resolve each painting – no easy achievement. This style of work, which encompasses a network of imagery, lends itself to large scale presentation. To this end Waghorn completed several large diptychs including the large and smaller scale paintings which are included in this exhibition.

Viky Garden has been busy seguing into an uncompromising series of new portraits. While these works appear somewhat looser in style than the artist’s previously more structured compositions there is more resourcefulness and mystery attached to these recent works. Viky Garden’s new series of paintings have been well received in the USA where her dealer there closed several sales recently. April Shin has been side-tracked in recent years bringing up a family. This challenging but rewarding occupation has provided new inspiration for this talented painter, and new figurative works provide ample evidence of this. Tyrone Layne has recently returned from his painting sojourn in London and has recently completed a new work entitled “Spilt Coke on Queen Street”. This highly detailed painting perfectly captures a balmy Auckland summer evening and features over 70 figures in the scene. New paintings by Rozi Demant, April Shin and Robyn Gibson compliment this collection of figurative studies by these innovative and talented artists.

From the South Island Chris Pole and Justin Summerton have sent compelling surreal landscape’s titled “Time stands still in travel” and “Colonial Painter, Taranaki II”. Mark Wooller and Fatu Feu’u have also consigned new works for the exhibition which are tempting teasers prior to their solo exhibitions in the following months.

Three senior artists who need no introduction are Max Gimblett, Roy Good and Mervyn Williams. Several fine paintings by these artists are included in the exhibition also which would make fine additions to any art collection.

We look forward to seeing you in the gallery in May.

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